Ulcerative Colitis Diet – Will Changing the Way You Eat Help?

Anyone who has Colitis knows in spite of what the Doctors tell us that Diet has a huge effect on our symptoms. Eating the wrong foods can make symptoms get much worse and may even trigger a full blown flare up. I’ve done loads of research in to diet, read loads of books and tried many different ways of eating in order to recover from my Colitis fully. The best type of diet I have found is a type of Paleolithic eating plan, which is basically eating in the same way as our hunter gatherer ancestors did. We evolved and thrived as humans over millions of years being hunter gatherers, and it is only in the last 10,000 years that our diet has changed.

Benefits of Paleolithic Eating

o It is how you are designed to eat, perfected over millions of years of evolution.

o It is highly nutritious and covers all major dietary components.

o A Paleo diet has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory diet.

o People with autoimmune diseases have been shown to get much better when they eat a Paleo diet.

o Your weight will naturally normalize to a healthy level for you.

o Insulin response is normalized and so you don’t get energy dips in the day.

o It makes you feel great! Mood is improved and Energy levels are more even.

So how do you eat like Paleolithic Man did? Well its remarkably simple and easy to do. You can basically eat everything except for any Refined Sugar, Dairy, Grains, Beans or Potatoes. Thats the basics of it. When I first started eating in this way it helped my symptoms enormously, especially with wind bloating and stomach cramps. It also had a positive effect on my stool consistency and I now only need to go once a day. There are some additional adjustments to the basic Paleo diet which help even more for people with autoimmune diseases like Colitis. They are avoiding eggs, tomatoes and peppers.

Source by Carl Fredericks

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