Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters Diet was originally developed in the ’90s. This diet works in a very similar way to the popular ‘Zone Diet’.

The Sugar Busters Diet is not a low carb nor a high protein style diet. The Sugar Busters Diet recommends that daily calorie intake is split into a 40/30/30 ratio. However this ratio differs slightly from the Zone Diet as the Sugar Busters Diet plan recommends 40% fats, 30% proteins and 30% carbohydrate intake each day.

Advantages of being on the Sugar Busters Diet include:

o Diet Eliminates Intake of Sugar

o Easy to do for the average user (no calorie counting, measuring or weighing)

o The Diet cuts out many Sugary Foods that are clearly not helpful for weight loss. (and for good dental care reasons)

Disadvantages of the Sugar Busters Diet include:

o This diet is not always recommended for Vegetarians (Largely based on the protein intake requirements.)

o Weight loss may be attributed to a general reduction in calories and not necessarily the 40/30/30 ratio.

o There can be a level of confusion when dieter needs to find out about ‘Hidden Sugars’ in some foods.

o The diet may (in certain cases) remove valuable minerals and nutrients. (This is because the diet limits some fruit and vegetables, which are essentially healthy)

The diet does also encourage the consumption of a large quantity of proteins found in foods such as fish, nuts, and eggs. As these are three of the most commonly found allergy-related foods, it is important prior to be aware of any allergies you may have before commencing on this eating plan.

Source by Lewis Walrock

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