Some Ways to Quench a Paleo Thirst

For some reason drinks are never really mentioned here in the Paleo community. So here today I will be giving you some ways that you can quench that thirst Paleo style! Its a point to consider that Drinks are generally inessential and the fact is that the foods that you consume provide most of the water that you need, however drinking different beverages can be very refreshing. I myself only really drink coffee, and water.

Water of course is the primary drink that you should be consuming and its the drink of choice when you are thirsty. But I know that this is a drink however good can get very boring very quickly. Sometimes to add a bit of flavour to the water going sparkling can do the trick. Adding a bit of lemon or lime to a glass of ice cold Perrier water can be the trick to quench that thirst. Great taste, and super refreshing.

Juice is a a very tough category to go over and is something that needs to be thought over. Most of us before our Paleo days were always taught that the good old glass of juice is great for our health, but as most Paleo enthusiasts know juice is just a concentrated form of sugar. If you want straight fresh juice you might as well be and will be better of just eating the fruit. To combat your juice addiction you could always try making a spritzer, that is a two parts sparkling water and one part juice, greatly refreshing and can be enjoyed guilt free!

Tea and coffee are two drinks that should be consumed with great pleasure, however just as with most vices, do intake them with moderation. No more than one or two glasses and you should be great. There are different teas that you can drink such as green white and black tea. Choose whichever you like the most. I usually drink a cup or two of coffee a day usually with a good book.:)

Ah ha, now we have to consider the athletes that were used to all those sugary energy drinks prior to becoming Paleo. Well how about a drink that’s electrolyte enhanced in a Paleo friendly manner, after all the most important ingredients of any sports drink are the different electrolytes that it contains. These are the sodium, chloride and potassium. For the sodium, its easy a spoon or two of table salt will do the trick. For the potassium a lemon will do the trick. All you have to do is squeeze the lemon add a pinch or two of salt to your water and you have the perfect Paleo replacement for the sugary energy drinks you were once used to.

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