Paleo Recipe: Delicious Prawn Curry

Curry as one of the world’s most popular foods, and not without great reason. The sheer range of things you can add and the flavours you can create mean it truly is one of the most wonderful meals you can have. It’s also FUN to cook and easy to share so I’m going to share with you yet another great curry recipe. However this time it’s a personal favourite. Top secret and delicious prawn curry. Here it goes.


*2tbsp turmeric

*1 tbsp cumin

*handful torn coriander

*1/4 tsp mace

*juice and zest of 1 lemon

*700g king prawns, deshelled

*4 green chillis

*5cm fresh ginger

*2 garlic cloves

*1 onion

*2tsp nut oil

*1 tin chopped tomatoes

*1 tsp ground nutmeg

*2 tbsp curry leaves.

I know it’s a lot of ingredients. It is however worth it when you taste the dish!

How to make it:

1. Place your turmeric, cumon and mace in a bowl. Finely chop your ginger and garlic and add it. Add a small amount of water and grind into a paste. Helps if you have a pestle and mortar.

2. Finely chop and fry your onion. Stir on your paste once the onion has softened and cook for 1 minute before adding your tomatoes. Fill the tomato tin with water and add before adding your lemon zest and juice and your curry leaves.

3. Sprinkle your nutmeg into the mix and cook on a low heat for 45 minutes to an hour until the sauce has thickened and reduced and you are left with a wonderful fragrant prawn curry. Garnish with your fresh coriander and serve in warm bowls.

This is a perfect winter dish and proper comfort food. Experiment with the dish but in my experience the key is to really getting your paste right at the beginning. As with all paleo recipes make sure you use great and fresh ingredients and check back to get your hands on more free tried and tested paleo recipes.

This is the perfect time to change dietary habits and start a new you so be sure to get fit and healthy with the Paleo diet.. The paleo diet is a great way to lose weight, increase vitality and help stay fit and healthy. It really is simple when you know how so feel free to try your very own version of this awesome prawn curry.

Source by Daniel S Thompson

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