How Unhealthy Diets can Screw up Your System

Nowadays, every body wants to lose a lot of weight all of a sudden. To do this people are ready to go to all extremes. They try out all the diets they can and strike out most of the items from their list of edible things. There are limits and it is very important for every one to recognize them as crossing them can cause some very serious trouble.

Fat is not very good for the body but so is the absence of fat in a diet. So, a low-fat diet may be a healthy one but, a completely fat-free diet is not. Fat is necessary and is needed in the daily diet to take in the fat soluble vitamins which are A, D, E, and K. There are two vital fatty acids which the body needs for proper, good health. For loss of weight you can decrease fat intake, but never ever go lower than say 30 grams per day. Beyond that, if you go on decreasing the level, you are acting very foolishly. You will suffer from dry skin, or from hair loss and menstruation cycles may even stop in the case of women.

Popular and famous diets such as the Atkins Diet or the Zone diet are nutritionally imbalanced and can turn out to be very harmful. There are a number of risks that are associated with them. The most important is that it may lead to high cholesterol; it is a major risk factor for people with heart diseases and it can even cause kidney damage perhaps even osteoporosis.

There are a few diets which demand you to leave out all the dairy products and even all meat foods out. These are nutritionally completely not balanced. Until and unless the diet in turn demands you to eat lots of beans or nuts even seeds and soy products, the diet will be lacking in important nutrients like vitamin B-12, calcium, iron, zinc etc. A multivitamin tablet will not be enough whatsoever to cover the loss.

Just in case, you are restricted to the same food day-in and day-out, you are missing out on so much. All the flavors or textures and colors and most importantly so many NUTRIENTS are left out by you.

Such a diet will leave you feeling absolutely bored. And very quickly you may end up reducing the intake. This will completely slow down the rate of metabolism or in the other case you will end up hogging; in both cases, your efforts in losing weight are futile.

So, the next time you go on a diet, make sure you know where you are heading and that your health is not being sacrificed for a skinny body.

Source by Dixita Dutt

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