How I Lost 50 Pounds and Got Even Healthier Hopping Around Various Diets

In 2002 I weighed 170 pounds with a short height of 5 feet 5 inches. I wanted to lose weight and gain sex appeal because I wanted to have more children. I had become obese on a standard urban diet which included a lot of rice and wheat based products as the base of the standard food pyramid. I wanted to lose weight but I did not know how.

One day I met an old college friend who I had not seen in a few years. He looked amazing. Slim and muscular. I asked him what he did to look that good. He said he was inspired by a fitness book. I bought the same book and realized that losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, so begin with diet first. The diet recommendations seemed unintelligible to me at that time, I found reading about the cooked Atkins diet somewhat understandable but I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, I sought guidance.

I consulted a nutritionist, she was a gorgeous woman in her late 50s with 7 children yet she remained formally beautiful. I was inspired. This lady knows what she is talking about. She taught me foundation principles, that bread contained so much more fattening carbohydrates than rice, so I had best give up wheat based products. For rice as a carbohydrate, it was better to lessen the rice and substitute more vegetables. The key was adjusting your daily habits, choices, marketing and perception of food. I took my time. I was in no hurry. I want the change to be permanent. My goal was a mere 2 pounds less per month. At 145 pounds, I thanked by nutritionist, I had gained habits and knowledge about diet instead of mindless eating for taste.

In 2005 I came down with a terrible eczema which showed that I was unhealthy. Doctors told me I was incurable. Since I did not believe in incurable diseases I sought non-doctors who showed me new knowledge. I learned various body detoxes that led to the healing of all my eczemas. But I wanted more health.

In mid 2007 I experimented with a raw vegan diet under the tutelage of a naturopath. I got too lean and raw vegan food made me feel miserable. I gave up raw veganism and ate rice and cooked meat again which made me feel better.

Then I learned about orange juice fasting to reset my intestines. I did a 14 day orange juice fast which stopped all cravings for rice and cooked meat.

I tried raw fruitarian in late 2007 and found myself feeling cold and getting even thinner than on raw vegan. I had gone down to 112 pounds! Wafer thin. A long term fruitarian told me it would take 5 years to adjust to that cold feeling. I had to stop that fruitarian madness or die of malnutrition.

In January 2008 I found the Wai Diet easy to follow. It was as simple as adding raw ocean fish and raw egg yolks to my fruitarian diet. Boom! Immediate feeling of enormously good health. In a few weeks I bounced up to 120 pounds.

I discovered the Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and experimented with various raw land animals and raw dairy. No raw dairy worked for me, I had to accept I was lactose intolerant. I found I liked raw beef the most, more so than raw fish. So from then on my diet was called a Raw Paleolithic Diet or Raw Paleo Diet for short and I joined a new support forum.

In 2009 with the urging of long time raw paleo dieters, I switched to a high fat low carb raw paleo diet which gave an even better feeling of health. I never got sick on raw paleo diet and I now had the energy to be active and look 10 years younger. I developed bicep muscles without the need to go to the gym. What the old timers said about raw meat was true, it builds muscles even without gym work. Call me gym lazy. I’d rather go swimming and go running around with my kids than go to a gym.

Raw paleo diet of raw meat / raw fish, raw vegetables, and raw fruits made my dreams come true. I leveled off on an ideal weight of 125 pounds, I gained sex appeal, I have more children, I now have robust health I never had before.

Source by Eli Edwin Casimero

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