EODD Diet Vs Traditional Diets

The EODD diet, which stands for The Every Other Day Diet is a fresh approach to dieting it utilizes calorie cycling in a way that is unique and fun but how does it stack up against traditional dieting? If you are serious about losing weight read this comparison and find out.

The Every Other Day Diet


  • No Plateauing
  • Feed days where you can eat most any thing you want including pizza, burgers and fries
  • Three different plans so you can lose at three different speeds
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to follow
  • Easy to stick with
  • Does not rely on will power
  • Great Health Education
  • Free gifts upon signing up

The last item, free gifts, is really amazing.  These gifts are not cheap trinkets.  The include:

  • Perfect Posture in 30 Days! by Vince Delmonte, CPT
  • Cholesterol LIES! The Truth about Cholesterol And Your Health That Doctors Do Not Want You To Know! by Dr. Duane Graveline MD
  • Hormones 101! What You Really Need to Know About Natural Hormone Health by Dr. Holly Lucille, with Jon Benson
  • Your FREE Online Virtual Exercise Demonstrator! by Vince Delmonte, CPT
  • Skinny Mini Meals 80 Super-Fast Recipes That Anyone Can Prepare For A Leaner Waistline…At Any Age! by “The Body Sculptress” Angela Ursprung
  • Female Power! How Any Woman Can Attain a Feminine, Firm and Fit Body by Kelli Calabrese(with Scott Colby, CSCS)
  • The Fitness Primer Hypnotic Audio: Preparing You For A Fitter Future! by Rick Beneteau
  • The No-Struggle Plan! Getting Things Handled Once And For All by Mathes Jones
  • Lifetime Free Updates of The Every Other Day Diet!


There are three things that you need to bring to the table in order to be successful with The Every Other Day Diet.  Here they are as quoted from the Every Other Day Diet:

1) You must be dedicated: Anytime you wish to implement changes into your life, you need to be dedicated. The less extreme the change, the less dedication is required. Nonetheless, you need to be serious about making a change if you wish to be successful with the EODD.


2) You must be willing to do some form of exercise. Sorry, but there’s no other way. While you don’t have to do anything extreme, you must do something.

3) You must be reasonable: As our intrepid authors point out, you didn’t get into “this shape” in a couple of weeks or months, so how can you expect to lose it all within that time frame.

Traditional diets

Traditional Diets are diets that rely on simply lowering you caloric intake below the level of your caloric output.  An example of this kind of diet is Strip That Fat diet guide.  The advantages of this type of dieting are:

  • You control the diet
  • You chose the foods you want to eat–not the amount
  • You create your own menus
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Proven Track Record
  • Great Health Education
  • Free lifetime updates and access to menu generator


  • Your success depends on your will power
  • Plateauing
  • Only 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week
  • No “feed days”
  • Your metabolism slows as you reduce your caloric intake.

One last word

I have tried both diets and for me, The Every Other Day Diet was the clear winner because I could have feed days which allowed me to go out with friends to restaurants and enjoy the holidays with out being the one in the corner with the “special” plate of food.  This factor alone makes this “The Easiest Diet In The World.”

Source by Christian Walker

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